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Apricot Jam
1 kg apricots, 1,2 kg sugar.
Boil small apricots whole; half and pip large ones. Needle apricots in 810 points, blanch in boiling water for 1 min. Pour on hot syrup and keep to mature for 810 hours. During maturing boil syrup separately three times and pour on apricots. Bring to readiness for the fourth time.

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Tomato Jam
1kg tomatoes, 1,3 kg sugar, 0,5 gr vanillin.
Take small, plum-shaped, hard tomatoes. Immerse in boiling water for 58 seconds, immediately cool in cold water and peel. Pour on syrup and keep for a day. Drain syrup on the second day, boil and pour on tomatoes. The same on the third day. On the fourth day boil syrup with tomatoes .bringing to readiness. Aromatize with vanillin or fruit essence.

Alycha Jam
1 kg skinned alycha. 1,1 kg sugar, .200 250 gr water.
Select large garden alycha variety especially local one as Arash or.Istambul. When ripening they gain red colour and one berry weighs about 40 gramm. Skin alycha, soak in lime water'for 1,52 hours, rinse thoroughly, needle in several spots, pour on syrup and keep for 68 hours. Boil 23 times with 8 hour intervals.

Grape Jam
Grapes - 1kg, 1,2 kg sugar, 2 gr tartaric acid, 0,5 gr vanillin.
Take large and medium size grapes with dense pulp to get good quality jam. Blanch grapes in boiling water for 1 minute, Pour on syrup and keep for f>- 8 hours. I Ise I kg of sugar if grapes sugar content is high. Boil 2 3 limes with 10 hour intervals. Add tar-taric acid and vanillin.

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